The Department of Economic and Business Administration established PC’s chapter of Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society in 2010. The local chapter provides an opportunity for the faculty to confer on students international recognition for outstanding academic achievements in business.

The society honors the highest achieving business students at colleges and universities with regional accreditation. Approximately 340 established chapters exist in 47 states, with three international institutions. Candidates for bachelor and masters degrees in the school of business who rank in the upper 20 percent of their class at the time of invitation to membership into the society may be inducted into membership following completion of at least one-half of the degree program in which they are enrolled. While almost 300,000 students receive bachelors or masters degrees in business each year, only about 4,000 are inducted into lifetime membership in Sigma Beta Delta.

All inductees read the Sigma Beta Delta pledge aloud as a promise to maintain and uphold the society’s three founding principles:

Sigma, representing a Greek word meaning wisdom, is an important quality for members of Sigma Beta Delta to maintain in every situation. Wisdom is gained over time and allows one to acknowledge the reliability and importance of information, which can be incorporated into daily living.

Beta, representing a Greek word signifying honor, is generally accepted as a personal quality of the highest value. Sigma Beta Delta members are believed to uphold honor and the values of integrity and ethical decision making throughout every facet of life. An honorable person is considered trustworthy and dependable to make decisions based, not on personal feelings, but on what will benefit humankind to the highest degree.

Delta, representing a Greek word meaning the pursuit of meaningful aspirations, suggests the concept of pairing meaningful goals with the appropriate and necessary action. Ultimately, taking meaningful action helps one develop personally and professionally and will lead to a life of fulfillment and happiness.

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