Charles Chadwell Special Education Institute

Square Pegs/Round Holes – Why We Need to Pay Attention to Learning Differences
Workshop with Dr. Debbie Silver

This event was canceled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The Education Department invites preservice and inservice educators to attend the Sixth Annual Charles Chadwell Special Education Institute on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at Presbyterian College.

In the morning, one of the nation’s most popular professional development presenters and best-selling author, Dr. Debbie Silver, will present a workshop on differentiated learning. Who are your learners? Extrovert or introvert? Concrete or Abstract? Sequential or Random? Visual or Tactile? Dr. Silver will provide tools and strategies for identifying how individual students learn best and how to maximize their classroom experience.

In the afternoon, Special Education professor and students from Bob Jones University will share how students used 3D technology to differentiate instruction for learners with disabilities.


About the Charles Chadwell Endowment for Special Education

This event is made possible by the Charles Chadwell Endowment for Special Education. The endowment was established in 1984 by Francis E. Cothran and his wife Jean Syminton Cothran in recognition of Dr. Charles Chadwell’s service as superintendent of the Whitten Center in Clinton. Billy Cothran, Mr. and Mrs. Cothran’s only son, was a resident of the Whitten Center. The endowment is designed to be used for scholarship awards for students who plan to continue their education in the field of special education, and is also in place to “provide seminars, lectures, or workshops led by recognized authorities in fields related to Special Education, which will promote a better understanding of the circumstances” faced by individuals with disabilities and their families.

Past Charles Chadwell Special Education Institute Events

Dr. Katherine McKnight

Dr. Katherine McKnight is a dynamic presenter, dedicated teacher, and award-winning author. In addition to speaking at professional development conferences, she is a regular consultant in schools and classrooms all over the country and in Europe. Administrators and teachers welcome her expertise, witty good humor, and hands-on approach to education.

Katie received her B.A. degree from George Washington University, her M.Ed. from Northeastern Illinois University and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently serves as a Distinguished Professor of Research at National Louis University. A passionate student advocate, Katie stays true to her roots in the Chicago Public Schools where she began her career. She is recognized for her in-depth knowledge of changing educational standards and is known for her ability to connect with fellow educators. “Good teaching is good teaching, no matter what standards we’re aiming for!”

She has authored many books that support teaching strategies to engage all learners. Her titles include the best-selling The Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizers, winner of the 2013 Teachers’ Choice Award. She’s also written The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom, Teaching Writing in the Inclusive Classroom, and the twin volumes: Common Core Literacy for Math, Science, and Technical Subjects, and Common Core Literacy for ELA, History/Social Studies, and the Humanities: Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge (Grades 6-12). Dr. McKnight edited and contributed to the 2016 book Addressing the Needs of All Learners in the Era of Changing Standards: Helping Our Most Vulnerable Students Succeed through Teaching Flexibility, Innovation, and Creativity. She is the recipient of numerous teaching awards.