Shelly Rowan, Elementary Education Major, Interns with Palmetto State Teachers Organization (PSTA) in Columbia

Shelly inauguration of State officers

In the Spring 2015 semester, Shelly Rowan, an Early Childhood Education Major, conducted an internship with the Palmetto State Teachers Association (PSTA), during which time she was able to see how the legislative bodies at the State House make decisions regarding the education system. She shadowed Craig King, PSTA’s Director of Governmental Affairs, as he worked in the lobby of the State House.

This internship gave Shelly the opportunity to meet Senators, Representatives, and education leaders from around the state, observe committee meetings of the House and Senate, and witness bill debates. She also sat in on meetings that involved rewriting the state’s math standards and drafting the new Read to Succeed legislation.Shelly and Molly Spearman

A highlight of Shelly’s internship was witnessing the induction of South Carolina State Officers (including Molly Spearman) and assisting with teacher appreciation day at the State House. Shelly stated that it was an invaluable experience witnessing how different organizations influence legislation for their members. She stated, “Through this internship, I have learned how education systems and legal systems work together and how the decisions made at the State House influence how teachers teach in the classroom.”


Mary Kate Bartlett, Political Science Major, Interns with Laurens District 55 High School

Mary Kate BartlettMary Kate Bartlett is a Political Science major who plans to attend graduate school for education. In preparation for her graduate studies, Mary Kate has been taking PC’s education classes as electives. In the Fall 2015 semester, she conducted an internship with the principal of Laurens District 55 High School. This opportunity enabled her to see how educational leadership directly impacts high school education. Mary Kate sat in on meetings related to high school guidance, observed teachers in their classrooms, and attended an audit of student athletes. She also learned about the initiatives that have been implemented in the school to monitor students’ attendance and increase students’ engagement in school. Mary Kate stated that the opportunity to conduct an internship through PC’s Education Department has been extremely helpful in preparing her for her future studies in graduate school.