The Creative Writing program offers two internships for advanced students:

For the student contemplating teaching creative writing in the future, the Teaching Assistant Internship allows for an in-depth observation of how to teach a beginning workshop. Alongside the professor, the TA performs the instructional tasks of the workshop, including writing weekly critiques, giving lectures, conferencing with students, and evaluating portfolios. The TA will also have the opportunity to direct a couple workshops under the professor’s guidance. Prospective TA’s will need to have completed at least two workshops (in Poetry, Fiction, or Creative Nonfiction) before undertaking this internship.

For those students interested in journal/magazine editing, we also offer a Literary Journal Editor Internship. Currently, this internship is set up for the editor(s)-in-chief of Presbyterian College’s literary arts journal, Figs & Thistles, but interns might also work as the layout editor or one of the section editors (Art, Fiction, Poetry).  Students do not need to be Creative Writing majors or minors to undertake this internship.

If you’re interested in a creative writing internship, please contact Mr. Robert Stutts.

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