The Pre-law Studies Minor is an inter-disciplinary minor designed to give students a broad background upon which to build formal legal training.

The minor includes courses in economics, English, history, philosophy, political science and public speaking that are designed to prepare students with the skills necessary to be successful law school applicants and students. Students may select any major at PC and are encouraged to complement the Pre-law Studies Minor with a major that will allow them to tailor their education to their specific career goals.

Requirements for the Minor in Pre-Law Studies

Students who minor in pre-law studies must complete 22 hours, including Introduction to Legal Studies, Business Law, Logic and a 1-credit internship. Students must also take at least one elective course in business administration & economics, one elective course in communications, one elective course in philosophy, political thought & history, and one elective upper-level course in the law.

For more information on the Pre-law Studies minor, please contact the Pre-law Advisor, Dr. Erin McAdams, at (864) 833-8347 or