Traditional Pre-Pharmacy Path offers the most flexibility.

This path allows students to complete their pre-pharmacy coursework in just two or three years or with further study, to earn a bachelor’s degree. During the last year of pre-pharmacy coursework, students apply to pharmacy school via the national Pharmacy College Application Service (

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Undergraduate Admissions Application Process: Interested high school students should complete a Presbyterian College undergraduate application for admission.

Program Requirements: You may choose to complete your pre-pharmacy coursework in just two or three years or to pursue a bachelor’s degree before entering the PharmD program. Students must complete the required pre-pharmacy coursework with a C- grade or better to be considered for admission into the PharmD program. All pre-pharmacy coursework must be completed prior to matriculation in the PharmD program. Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate credits may be used to satisfy pre-pharmacy course requirements. View the Pre-Pharmacy coursework requirements »

Community Service: To increase your competitiveness for entry in the School of Pharmacy, you should participate in community service activities and investigate the pharmacy profession before you apply to pharmacy school. Students are encouraged to get involved in the local community by participating in Student Volunteer Services, community, church, and/or student organization activities. Suggested ways to investigate the pharmacy profession include gaining pharmacy work experience, completing internships in pharmacy, participating in volunteer efforts related to pharmacy and healthcare, shadowing pharmacists, or interviewing pharmacists.

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School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Admissions Application Process: During the last year of pre-pharmacy coursework, students apply to the School of Pharmacy through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) and submit a supplemental application directly to the School. You must request official copies of all college transcripts and two letters of reference be sent to PharmCAS on your behalf.

Pharmacy Admissions Process: Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy employs a holistic admissions philosophy. Both academic factors and non-academic factors are considered in selecting applicants for admission. Academic factors are employed to select applicants who are prepared to succeed in a rigorous professional curriculum and include GPA, course load, college attended, and degree(s) awarded. PC students and graduates will receive admissions credit if they earned a bachelor’s degree prior to their planned matriculation date in the PharmD program. Non-academic factors are included to select applicants who will fulfill the mission of Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy and uphold the standards and responsibilities of the pharmacy profession. Considered non-academic factors include written communication skills, history of involvement in and service to the community, leadership experience, professional exploration, and letters of reference.

To comply with our contracts with healthcare institutions, all students must successfully complete a criminal background check and drug screen before matriculation into pharmacy school.

Pharmacy Admissions Interview: Presbyterian College students and graduates are guaranteed an onsite interview with a GPA of 2.75 or better. The admissions interview is a structured interview process that is designed to assess core competencies that are difficult to measure via an application alone. These competencies are a commitment to the pharmacy profession, communication skills, empathy, ethical and moral reasoning, interpersonal skills, and motivation. Interviewer scores, as well as the interviewer and staff comments, factor prominently in Admissions Committee decisions for admission to PCSP. Admission is competitive, and selection for an interview does not guarantee admission.

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