Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

Understanding how the human mind works and what motivates our behavior will be a skill you will use throughout your life and career. Whether you choose to be a psychology Major or take a few classes, the psychology courses at Presbyterian College offer exciting activities and experiential learning ranging from observing people’s behavior in your own life to collecting and analyzing data as part of a psychology research project.

The psychology Major at Presbyterian College provides students with knowledge and skills useful for many career options or graduate studies. Through the psychology Major, students gain insight into the core sub-fields of psychology, including the biological basis of psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and psychopathology. The Major also helps students develop valuable skills, including technical writing, scientific literacy, data analysis, consideration of ethics and diversity, and verbal communication. In addition, students understand human behavior and interaction they can take into their future careers as they interact with colleagues, clients, bosses, patients, or in their personal lives and community.

The psychology Minor is highly flexible, allowing students to complete courses that would be most beneficial to their career and life goals. Since human interaction is essential in most areas of life, a psychology Minor may enhance many career goals and provide the student with valuable knowledge and skills.