You can earn a minor in sociology by successfully completing 18 hours of specified sociology courses.

You’ll build a foundation for the minor by taking Introductory Sociology.

You can customize your minor by selecting 12 hours from other sociology electives at or above the 300-level. The remaining three hours required for the minor can be chosen from any sociology course.

You’ll need to make at least a “C” in each course to earn a minor in sociology, although you might be allowed to make one “D.” The Department of Sociology may specify certain courses that you’ll need to make at least a “C” in, and you’ll need to make an overall average of “C” or better on all work presented for the minor.

You must take at least half of the hours required for the minor at PC. The Provost must approve any substitutions to the requirements of the sociology minor prior to completion of the amended requirement.

Speak with your advisor or the chair of the sociology department about minimum grades allowed and any additional requirements for the sociology minor.


  • CO = Co-requisite
  • CO = Co-requisite
  • POI = Permissions of Instructor
  • PR = Pre-requisite
  • RE = Recommended
  • XL = Cross-listed


Dr. Carla Alphonso

Professor of Sociology

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