Maymester in England

Maymester in England

Last May, a group of 13 business students spent two weeks studying at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, England, with Dr. Jody Lipford and Professor Cindy Lucking. Edge Hill University, one of PC’s partner schools, is home to more than 9,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. Edge Hill is located close to the thriving market town of Ormskirk in the heart of northwest England.

While at Edge Hill, PC students took a course titled “Economic Growth and Development” which focused on economic theories of growth as well as history, giving particular attention to the Industrial Revolution and the textile industry that developed in northern England as well as long run gains in health and material welfare. Students spent a few hours a day in the classroom at Edge Hill, studying under their PC professors.

When they weren’t studying in the classroom, the students and professors took day trips to Liverpool, Conwy, Chester, Manchester, York, and the Lake District. Students also had the opportunity to take an overnight trip to London and to visit Quarry Bank Mill, a preserved textile mill of the Industrial Revolution located in Styal. The students even had an opportunity to watch Everton, an English soccer club, play. Students who attended the game experienced the last time Tim Howard, a goalkeeper for Everton and the United States National Team, played for the club before returning to the Major League Soccer in the U.S.

“This experience changed me in the sense that I now have a much better understanding of British culture. We were living in the same dorms as British students, studying in the same buildings as them, and eating at the same restaurants as them. It was really neat to simply live everyday life side by side with people from a different culture,” said Caroline Dyar.

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