Meet Will Grismore

Meet Will Grismore

Meet Will Grismore, a Dual-Degree Engineering student from Columbia, South Carolina. Last summer he was awarded a NASA South Carolina Space Grant Consortium Research Award for his project. This award was granted through NASA’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). With this grant, Will worked in the Non-Linear Materials lab with Dr. Eli Owens, assistant professor of physics whose research centers on granular physics.

Together, the two scientists investigated the ways in which acoustic waves travel through a consolidated granular material. The application of their work will provide tools useful for exploration of the Earth’s surface and has industrial, technological, and geological implications.

In the future, Will hopes to work for NASA or teach at the collegiate level and believes that this research has helped him in this endeavor. “This research was great practice for me as a new researcher working under the wing of an experienced professor, and it provided me the opportunity to work in a field I’d like to work in later in my career.”

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