Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Oh my!

Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Oh my!


Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Oh my!

On the day of our departure, we were all humming with excitement. I passed a fellow choir member who was going on the trip in Springs Student Center as I was buying a travel toothbrush at the POD and I could feel their nervous exhilaration. We were leaving for Europe in just a few hours. We set on the road towards Charlotte, ready for the adventures to come.

When we arrived in Prague everyone was tired from our red-eye flight but were eager and ready to take it all in with wide and willing eyes. We made it down to baggage claim and then met out charming Hungarian tour guide, Marta. Immediately as we set on the road cameras came out and you could hear the snapping of photos all around the bus. I was ready with camera in hand to capture every glimpse of Prague and its beautiful architecture as we drove into the historic city.


Our most special moment was probably during our last performance at a Lutheran church in Budapest on the last night of the trip. It had been a long day of touring and sightseeing, but we were enthusiastic about making it a good last performance, both for ourselves and for the congregation who had invited us.
As we sang our way through our concert list, we made it to one of the final pieces, “His Eye Is On the Sparrow,” which was the one that we had messed up earlier in Prague. As we sang with one another, holding each other’s hands firmly, there was a moment of magic that filled the room. We finished the piece, and when we looked up, you could see tears in the eyes of choir members and of our professors alike. At that instant, we had fulfilled what we had set out to do. Our hearts were full and our minds enriched by all that we had seen and heard over the past 8 days. With refreshed spirits, we were ready to go back to Presbyterian College.

Datie Rogers
Class of 2017

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