The PC Community

The PC Community

As I enter my second month in Clinton, I feel as though I have become a real part of the PC community. Professors and staff members have made an effort to not only know my name but also know who I am as a person. Every day, Ms. Yolanda, the woman who more or less runs Greenville Dining Hall, asks, “How are you doing, Bryce?” As special as that makes me feel, this is not at all unique. She literally knows every student, faculty and staff member on campus.

This semester alone, my professors include three department chairs, the president, and the provost of the College. Moreover, one of said department chairs, Dr. Campbell, a history professor, is not only a Fulbright Scholar but also is the vice president of the Presbyterian College Faculty Senate. Despite this accomplishment, Dr. Campbell is extremely personable and seeks to know every one of his students. Each day before class starts, he takes the time to ask all of my peers individually how their day has been or what they thought of the homework reading. In short, this is the essence of academics at PC: a highly qualified faculty within a warm, personal environment.

The friendly, yet challenging academic atmosphere that PC fosters bleeds into the rest of campus life. First of all, clubs and organizations seek to be inclusive, not cliquish. Consequently, they truly want you to participate and spend time with them. In the arts and athletics, we strive for excellence. Yet, it is easy to be involved. As such, we have excellent musical ensembles and are honored with the distinction of being America’s smallest Division I institution. For example, on the first day of orchestra, Dr. Thomas bought the entire orchestra pizza of every variety imaginable. He didn’t do this because he had to. He did this because he wanted the new freshman to feel welcome and to have a chance to meet the rest of the ensemble. Similarly, when I moved into my dorm early for handbell rehearsals, several members of the handbell choir cheerily took the time to help move me into my new room. Our ensembles are like family. We help and challenge each other to be our best selves, both personally and musically.

Bryce is a freshman student, who is planning on majoring in history and is from Atlanta, Georgia.

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