Brittany Kirkland ’13: New Yorker. Analytics Strategist. Blue Hose.

Brittany Kirkland ’13: New Yorker. Analytics Strategist. Blue Hose.

From her window, Brittany Kirkland ‘13 can look down on busy New Yorkers hustling up and down Wall Street. That’s on Fridays when she works from home in downtown New York City. The rest of the week Brittany sips almond milk lattes in her office near Union Square Park, where you can find IBM’s corporate marketing headquarters.

Brittany graduated from PC five years ago. Today, she’s an analytics strategist for IBM, one of the world’s largest technology corporations.

How did she get there? If you ask Brittany, she’d tell you her liberal arts education led the way.

You see, Brittany was a biology major her first three years at PC. She wanted to become a doctor. But Brittany had a change of heart after her junior year: She became interested in public relations and marketing and changed her major to English.

Brittany complemented the problem-solving skills she sharpened in biology courses with critical-thinking skills in English courses. Two PR and marketing internships gave her real-world experience that set her apart.

Like all Blue Hose alumni, Brittany was ready for the big stage when the time came. She started working at the largest ad agency in Greenville, SC less than a week after graduation. She moved to New York City a year later and is now making a name for herself at a Fortune 500 company.

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