8 Reasons to Get Involved on Campus

8 Reasons to Get Involved on Campus

Sharmila Samuel remembers visiting the PC campus a few months before her freshman year.

“I was told on tour that the more I got involved, the more I would love PC!” Sharmila said.

“As a freshman, I took that advice to heart. Now, I realize that getting involved has helped me get to know people I’d have never met otherwise.”

Like Sharmila, you can make friends by joining clubs and organizations on campus.

And here are 8 more reasons to get involved.

1. Be Active

Are competition and fitness your thing? Or do you want to get more into it? If so, you’ll find lots to love about campus recreation opportunities, like playing intramural sports. Club sports like the Bass Fishing Team allow you to compete against other colleges. You can join organizations like PC Outdoors or go on outdoorsy trips or to fitness competitions with your friends and our resident fitness enthusiast / outdoorsman Daniel Adams. And don’t forget Springs Campus Center, where you can work out on your own or in a class.


2. Network with Your Peers

You can join academic clubs and professional organizations like the History Club, the Society for the Advancement of Management, and the Society of Physics Students. Whatever subject you’re interested in, there’s probably a group for you. You’ll have opportunities to learn from experts in your field, go on trips, and meet others with similar interests.

3. Go Greek

Thinking about going Greek? PC’s seven fraternities and three sororities are where you can meet fellow students you’ll call your brothers and sisters. Fraternity and sorority life at PC is more than just socializing, though. PC’s Greek organizations pride themselves on helping others by performing service projects throughout the year.


4. Lead

Are you a natural-born leader, or do you want to be become one? If you join the Student Activities Board, you’ll plan and execute the events that you and your classmates participate in. Join Student Government Association, and you may find yourself advocating on behalf of your fellow students in groups like Board of Trustee committees. This is real-world experience, Blue Hose.

5. Take the Stage

Remember to pack your favorite musical instrument when you move in on August 18. If you’re musically inclined, opportunities galore are in store for you. You’ll have the chance to sing to your heart’s content or play the instrument you love in ensembles like PC Choir, Pep Band, Jazz Band, and the Opera and Musical Theater Workshop. If you prefer drawing and painting as your form of expression, you’ll find groups for you too.


6. Explore Your Faith

You can explore your faith with the PC community by joining faith-based organizations, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Catholic Student Organization. There are several different faith-based groups that you can be a part of to share your faith with others, to discuss faith-related topics, and to fellowship.

7. Tell Stories

Do you love to write? Do you have an eye for photography? If so, you’ll have the space to have your work published in PC’s literary magazine, Figs & Thistles. You can report on campus happenings and see your name in print as a member of the college newspaper (Blue Stocking) staff. And you can help document the four best years of your and your classmates’ lives as a member of the yearbook (Pac SaC) staff.


8. Make a Difference

At PC, you’ll have chance after chance to be the change you wish to see in the world. You can volunteer your time by helping others with organizations you’ve heard of like Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. Or you can volunteer to read to children in schools or be a big brother or big sister to children across the street at Thornwell Home for Children. And these are just a few examples. If you’ve heard this once, you’ll hear it about a million more times: “While We Live, We Serve.” You can make a difference in the lives of others.

Get Involved on Campus

Sharmila is making the most of her time at PC by getting involved on campus. And you can too!

Mark your calendar for the RSO / Student Involvement Fair on August 21 to learn more about the groups and how to sign up. See the full WOW schedule »