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Alumna Learns How to lead at PC

“Lead from any seat” What happens when you get involved at PC? You learn how to make a difference. Just ask Erin Dhand ’04. Erin respected PC’s strong academic reputation before she’d even set one foot on campus. Once here, she loved that she could pull up a chair and participate every day. “No class

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‘While We Live, We Serve’

You’re going to hear these words a lot over the next four years. “Dum Vivimus Servimus.” Or, “While We Live, We Serve.” It’s the PC motto, and it reflects a big part of the PC culture. You see, the desire to help those in need has been part of what makes a Blue Hose a

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We’re Here for You. Let Us Show You How.

The transition to college can be exciting and fun. First time away from home. You’re pumped about how you’re going to decorate your room and who you’re going to meet. We’re excited for you! Transitioning to college can be challenging, too. For some students, being away from home for the first time and adjusting to

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