We’re Here for You. Let Us Show You How.

We’re Here for You. Let Us Show You How.

The transition to college can be exciting and fun. First time away from home. You’re pumped about how you’re going to decorate your room and who you’re going to meet. We’re excited for you!

Transitioning to college can be challenging, too.

For some students, being away from home for the first time and adjusting to college life may become stressful and overwhelming. Even if you don’t have those experiences, there may be a time when you need assistance as you take new classes or explore career opportunities.

We want you to know this: From the moment you step on campus, we are here to support you.

And here’s how.

We want you to be well

Your health is important to us. We know your success as a student — and a person — depends on you being and feeling your best.

As you may know at this point, we offer plenty of activities to keep you moving, from intramural sports to outdoors groups. If you’d rather work out at the gym, head to the fitness center at Springs Student Center.

For counseling services, you can find the help you need at the Health Services Center.

There is also an on-campus nurse practitioner, Jackie Waldron, located in that office.

There’s nothing worse than having to drive yourself to the doctor when you’re sick. With Nurse Jackie, you can walk a short distance from your residence hall, and she takes care of you – just another perk of attending a small college.

We want to help you succeed in the classroom

As a PC student, you have access to free academic resources on campus. Need to study up more for a math, science or foreign language class? Join a study session.

If it’s papers or essays that you struggle with, the friendly folks in the writing center are here to help. You can request an individual tutor for class help, too.

You’ll quickly discover your professors and academic advisors care about your success. Don’t be too shy to talk to a professor after class or schedule a lunch.

Student-professor relationships are a cornerstone of PC.

Dr. Richard Thomas, our strings professor, has a pizza party at his house each fall to welcome our chamber orchestra back to campus. Dr. Mike Rischbieter, a faculty advisor for the Bass Fishing Club, goes fishing with club members frequently.

Dr. Justin Brent, in the English department, fixes breakfast for his Linguistics class at the end of the semester. Dr. Dean Thompson, also in the English Department, teaches two film classes at his house.

We want to prepare you for a career after college

You’ll probably want to stay at PC for the rest of your life. Students and alumni tell us that all the time. But eventually, you’ll have to graduate.

We want to prepare you for when that time comes.

Whatever you need to prepare for a career, there is a team of experts here in the Office of Career Development and Student Success to guide you.

Sure, the name of the office is three miles long, but it says it all: We want you to succeed as a student and make sure you’re career ready. The career development staff can help you on that path, including searching for internship and work opportunities.

One graduate is working in New York City now. But one big part of her journey to the Big Apple was when the career development folks lined up her first internship.