Sophomore Prepares for the FBI

Sophomore Prepares for the FBI

PC sophomore Jennifer Freeman loves NCIS. Her favorite character is Detective Anthony DiNozzo.

“He’s always making jokes but always working his hardest to solve any crime that gets thrown his way,” Jennifer said. “Being an agent is always seen as a serious job, but on the show his character is always making the job seem enjoyable.”

Detective DiNozzo is one reason Jennifer thought about becoming an FBI agent. But a family member’s tragic death also motivated Jennifer to join the FBI.

“I want to be someone who investigates crimes and uses actual evidence to figure out what really happened,” Jennifer said.

Gaining the Necessary Skills

Jennifer has been working toward a career in the FBI ever since deciding that joining the agency is for her. She spoke with an FBI agent and recruiter while working a summer job after she graduated from high school. Jennifer asked for his advice, and he told her what the FBI is looking for. She took his advice to heart and declared a double major in Spanish and business administration as soon as she stepped foot on the PC campus.

“Most of what I am learning in my business classes that will help me in the FBI is problem solving and leadership,” Freeman said. “As a Spanish major, I am learning a new language that is growing rapidly in the US. However, I am also learning the religion and everything about the Spanish culture which will be really beneficial for the FBI, especially if I ever had the opportunity to go overseas or undercover.”

Jennifer’s business and Spanish courses aren’t the only ones preparing her for FBI work. Her other liberal arts courses, like English language and literature, biology and psychology, help Jennifer develop and fine-tune communication, analytic and problem-solving skills that any FBI agent needs.


Outside the classroom, Jennifer’s involvement in organizations across campus is gaining her valuable leadership skills to make her stand out. She’s the vice president of Society for the Advancement of Management, a tutor, a Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority sister, and a member of the club volleyball team.

Jennifer is determined to reach a goal she’s had her eyes on since she was 12. She’s confident she’ll reach it.

“Now that I’m at PC, I feel I’ll be well-equipped to make it into the agency,” Jennifer said.

Is the FBI for You?

Have you ever thought about a career in the FBI? This semester, an FBI recruiter visited campus to let students know about the opportunities in the agency. The Office of Career Development and Student Success arranged the event and is always helping students prepare for life after college.