Presbyterian College Student’s Internship Leads to Job in Big Data

Presbyterian College Student’s Internship Leads to Job in Big Data

Talk about Big Data: This year is the fourth straight year that data scientist jobs have been at the very top of Glassdoor’s list of the 50 Best Jobs in America. On top of that, five of Glassdoor’s 50 best jobs include careers related to data analytics.

Here’s more interesting data: PC senior Maleek Catchings already has a job in Big Data lined up, thanks to an internship and to Maleek’s persuasive presentation skills.

Study Data Analytics

Last summer, Maleek interned at the Michelin North America headquarters in Greenville, S.C. He learned how the world’s leading tire manufacturer approaches business-to-consumer sales.

Maleek was also able to work with the Business Intelligence team at Michelin, and this is where Maleek shined.

He knew he would. After all, two of Maleek’s business professors recommended data analytics to him. Maleek was a business administration major until his professors recognized his strengths in business and math. They thought the concentration in data analytics was a good fit.

“I took a class and loved it,” Maleek said. “The further along I got into the class, the more I enjoyed it.”

Maleek liked data analytics so much he began the Data Analytics Club during his junior year. The club has more than 20 members and meets regularly to talk about topics related to the major, including job opportunities.

Making Meaning out of Data

During his internship, Maleek used what he learned in his data analytics courses. He analyzed data about Michelin’s current and potential customers for their three tire brands.

Maleek researched which tire wholesalers have contracts with Michelin and which ones don’t have contracts but still sell Michelin tires.

“It’s a lot of data, as you can imagine,” Maleek said. “I was able to manipulate this data to find trends and make projections that the sales team could use to find dealers that could be on contract.”

Maleek’s data analysis helped Michelin’s sales team work more strategically.

Work as a Data Analyst

Maleek presented his findings to his managers at Michelin. After discussing the presentation and Maleek’s future, Michelin offered Maleek a position with the Business Intelligence team. He begins work less than a month after he graduates.

Maleek is enjoying continuing to learn more about data analytics during the last semester of his senior year. He also stays busy as #22 on the Blue Hose basketball team, but he can’t wait to begin work in Big Data.

“I love that I can help different departments make sense of their data,” Maleek said. “I can help sales, engineers, the supply chain, marketing.

“I can see how a company operates. It’s what I really want to do.”

Learn More

Interested in learning how you can prepare for what job recruiting sites like Glassdoor are calling the best job in America? Check out the Data Analytics webpage to learn how PC can prepare you for a career in Big Data.