Five Reasons to Visit Campus

Five Reasons to Visit Campus

Visit Campus and See Why Students Choose PC

Want to learn more about what PC has to offer? One of the best places to start is a campus visit. Our visit opportunities during the year include daily tours, as well as Saturday Preview Days, which offer students a chance to see campus and learn about professors, scholarships, financial aid and more. PC will host its next Preview PC on Saturday, April 27. Read below to learn more about the best reasons to visit.

1. See the campus for yourself

It may seem redundant, but the benefit of visiting a college campus is seeing the school in person. Many PC alumni say they “just got a feeling” the first time they set foot on campus.

A visit allows you to experience the college that fits you best. You’ll be able to look at dorms, classroom sizes, dining halls and other facilities.

At PC, learn the benefits of class sizes that average around 15 students: from engaging learning experiences to one-on-one guidance from professors. Wondering what you’ll eat? You’ll have your pick of traditional and restaurant options as a student. Grab a quesadilla at Moe’s or fuel up with a latte from Starbucks during your visit.

See places like Springs Student Center, which is home to some of those food options, a fitness center and Scotsman’s Corner.

2. Interact with students

Current students can give you the scoop about what life is like at PC. After all, who knows better than the students about clubs and organizations, the social scene and classes? Ask our student tour guides how they’re enjoying life as a PC student. Chat with them about what has made their stay here successful. Don’t leave without getting the questions that matter the most to you answered. Our students are passionate and ready to show you what it means to be a Blue Hose. Bonus: You may also link up with other prospective students who could be future classmates and lifelong friends.

3. Chat with professors

Do you know what you want to study? Are you still deciding? PC offers more than 107 majors and various minors, pre-professional, and graduate programs. Have more than one path in mind? You can customize your education here. If you love math and music, you don’t have to put down your sheet music or your calculator. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about our faculty members, who meet you eye-to-eye, challenge you, and also make time for some fun.

Take Dr. Dean Thompson, one of the English professors here, for instance. He was named the South Carolina Professor of the Year before, and students love his Harry Potter class and having class on the front steps of Neville Hall. He is a living legend, but he’s a real person too. Once you get to know members of our faculty and staff, you’ll learn that we’re a family.

4. Talk with the Admissions staff

A campus visit is the first glimpse of the culture at a college. You’re more than a number at PC. We are here for you – even during the admission process. During your visit, you’ll have face-to-face interaction with the people who will help you and your family with important questions.

Our admissions counselors will give you the information and materials you need concerning financial aid, scholarships and more. Many of our counselors are also PC alumni and have been in your shoes before. They are ready to assist you. Remember: Even after you leave, we’re just a phone call or email away.

5. See the area

You’ll get a taste of the area while in town. Clinton is a small, charming city located between Greenville and Columbia, S.C. Along with the places nearby, students find plenty of activities within the beautiful lawns of our campus to enjoy. Once you see it yourself, you’ll understand.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus soon! Register for Preview PC or check out our Visit Campus page to schedule a tour.