From business student to business owner

From business student to business owner

PC alumnus Marion Brown | Jitters Cafe | Presbyterian College | Clinton SCPC senior Marion Brown likes the food at Jitter’s Cafe so much he ordered up more than his favorite pork sandwich during his last year of school. He bought the restaurant.

Marion ordered the Beef Daddy (pulled pork sandwich on a hoagie with French onions and mayonnaise) every time he went to Jitter’s in downtown Clinton. The restaurant became Marion’s go-to after accounting class.

A Hoagie-Sized Opportunity

“The previous owner got to know me because I kept ordering the same thing. I would go in there every single time and get the Beef Daddy,” Marion said. “If I went there 70 times in a row, I got the same thing.

“Eventually, it came to a point when I’d just go in there, and he’d go, ‘Beef Daddy!’ He didn’t even know my name, he’d call me Beef Daddy.”

The restaurant gave Marion a place to retreat to, away from the stress of school. He became friends with the owner since he went into the restaurant so often. When the owner told Marion he was planning to retire, Marion saw it as an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Practical Business Courses

Marion bought Jitter’s Cafe in January with a friend he’s known since he was a kid. The friend manages the business while Marion finishes his last semester at PC.

And Marion couldn’t have taken over the restaurant at a better time, as far as his classes go. In his final semester at PC, he is taking Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Law. These three courses have helped him get the business up and running.

“Everything’s too real,” Marion said of his classes and job. “It’s too connected.”

Using What He Learned in College

Marion said majoring in business administration at PC has prepared him for owning a business. He feels that he was prepared for the steps he has taken negotiating buying the business and then completing the process that was required to take over Jitter’s.

“What I have learned in the business program helped me a lot,” he said. “It all started out in conversation with just me asking (the owner) if I could see his books one day. Income statements, all that stuff. I looked over what I’ve been taught, and I could see it was a good opportunity.

“I was able to utilize a lot of what I’ve been taught at PC.”

Visit Campus

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