5 Ways to Get the Most out of Being a PC Student (From A Recent Grad)

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Being a PC Student (From A Recent Grad)

Erin Register just graduated. Now she’s on her way to Nashville, Tennessee, to begin her position as a digital marketer with a publishing company.

Erin majored in English and history and was involved on campus. She was in a sorority, served on the Honor Council and worked as a Stirling. Erin was also involved in the English and history honors societies and Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society.

Erin offers these words of wisdom to get the most out of being a PC student.

1. Get involved. Stay involved.

PC provides an amazing yet pretty rare opportunity for you to be involved in as many organizations on campus as you please. Join those organizations. Meet new people with the same interests as you. Stay involved in whatever group that may be, whether it’s Honor Council, Stirlings, Greek Life, or all of the above! Give back to the school that is about to give you more than you can imagine.

2. Make mistakes, and learn from them.

College is a time to find yourself. However, you won’t understand who you truly are unless you acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses. Fail a test, and study harder on the next one. Gain that “Freshman 15,” and figure out nutrition during your sophomore year. Wherever your life takes you, you’ll face some bumps in the road. If you get knocked down, know how to get right back up and keep moving forward.

3. Be kind and respectful.

Treat everyone with the same amount of kindness and respect that you would like to have yourself. You never know whose hands you might be shaking or the impact you’ll have on someone. Your reputation will be much better in the long-run.

4. Support your Blue Hose 24/7.

Whether you grew up a Gamecock or a Tiger, you’re a Blue Hose now! Your colors are garnet and blue, and your school has some amazing student-athletes. Go to as many games, matches or tournaments as you can. Wear blue on “Blue Pride Friday.” Be proud to be a Presbyterian College Blue Hose because you are a part of a special community!

5. Have fun!

You’re only in college once! ENJOY IT. These will be the best four years of your life.

How can you #BeABlueHose?

What are you waiting on?! Erin made the most out of her time at PC, and you can too. If you’ve been admitted, take the next steps so that you can begin classes in August.