"PC changed the game for me," freshman says

“PC changed the game for me,” freshman says

How far do PC professors go to show their dedication to their students?

Many include their cell phone numbers in their email taglines.

This is one reason freshman Brandon Stiff, of Lake Wylie, S.C., loves PC.

Here’s more about why Brandon decided to become a Blue Hose and how PC has “changed the game” for him since then.

Why did you choose PC?

I chose PC based on the interpersonal relationships between faculty and students.

There is no other college out there that I’ve seen professors have their cell phone numbers in their email tagline. This goes to show how willing these educators are to surpass expectations and become true mentors to their students.

These close relationships with professors, the small liberal arts school environment, and the welcoming atmosphere at PC are what drove me to know this was the college for me.

When did you know PC was the right choice for you?

I knew PC was the right choice for me after I sat in on some classes the spring semester of my senior year of high school; this showed me how PC functions at its core.

I was very impressed by the welcoming atmosphere of not only the professors, but also the students in the classes. I knew if people would be willing to go out of their way to show a stranger how great our campus is, then it was something I wanted to be a part of.

Now that your freshman year is almost over, how or why do you know you made the right choice to come to PC?

I know I made the right choice to come to PC because it has completely pushed me out of my shell. I am a Stirling (student ambassador), orientation leader, scholarship chair for Sigma Nu, Pre-Med club freshman representative, and a part of the ODK honors society.

Through these organizations, I have made some of the best friends within the past year that I know will last me for the rest of my life. PC has changed the game for me, and I am proud to call this campus home.

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