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How PC’s Outstanding Senior Changed in Four Years

PC’s Outstanding Senior gives a speech during graduation every year. This year’s Outstanding Senior is Rylee White. You might expect that Rylee talked to the graduation crowd about how she loved PC every second she was a student. But that wasn’t the case. Four Years Ago “Freshman orientation was honestly the worst two days of

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“A Part of Something Bigger than Myself”

Freshman Caitlyn Tompkins knows how stressful it is deciding where to go to college. In this short Q&A, she talks about why she chose PC and why she feels “like being a Blue Hose has made me a part of something bigger than myself.” Why did you choose PC? “I chose PC because of the

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Student Receives NASA Award to Research Magnetic Storms

“Everyone is familiar with changes in the weather on earth, but most don’t realize that there is also weather in space,” said sophomore Grace Wanliss. Wanliss and sophomore Marigordon Varner received research awards from NASA worth $7500 each. The students will conduct research this summer. Grace will research with Dr. James Wanliss, her father and

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