willgribbleMy name is Will Gribble, and I am an Assistant Director of Admissions for Presbyterian College. Prior to joining the Admissions Department, I spent my collegiate years at PC, where I participated in as many things as I possibly could, learning, studying, and growing every step of the way. I made numerous memories as a PC student, one of my favorites being a trip to the United Kingdom with my choir friends and two of my favorite PC Music professors. Eventually, I graduated from Presbyterian College in 2013 as a double major in English and Political Science.

Since I am a recent graduate, there definitely will be times when I’ll miss being a student at PC. I’ll miss having classes on the front steps of Neville. I’ll miss stopping by my professors’ offices with only a quick question and leaving after twenty minutes with advice, reassurance, an inspirational quote, and a piece of candy. I know I’m not the only alum who wishes he or she could go back and relive those memories. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to leave PC for very long.

To all of you students who are feeling slightly overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that often accompanies the process of searching for the right college, don’t worry. As stated by one of my favorite professors, “Worrying is like a rocking chair; It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.” You have a variety of fine PC Admissions Counselors at your disposal who have all been in the same position, sifting through brochures, websites, and statistics on the search for the “dream school.” As an Assistant Director of Admissions, my hope is that I can help you navigate the college search along with showing you why Presbyterian College – a place where Ms. Yolanda in Greenville Dining Hall knows everyone by name, a place where a student can have a class in the living room of a professor’s house, a place where the sound of bagpipes or a train whistle will trigger memories for the rest of your life – can easily become a place that you can call home.

The best way to see what PC has to offer is by visiting the campus. By taking a student-led campus tour, meeting the professors and staff, and observing a class or two, you will be able to truly understand what makes PC special. I look forward to helping you navigate the college search, and if you ever have a question, I am only a phone call or email away.