Whether it’s preparing for graduate school, our next opponent on the football field, or exams, PC students embrace and understand the challenge that awaits them.

The complexity of the financial aid process is one challenge that we work with you to address.

That’s why the PC Financial Aid Office makes the process as simple as possible.

When our students have a question, they find someone they can talk to—whether it’s about financial aid or their recent study abroad to Italy. It’s the personal touch that makes the process of financial aid a little easier.

Not only have we made the process simple, but we also work with you to help meet your financial aid needs. Our financial aid policies consider merit, need, and abilities, matching financial aid packages to your unique circumstances.

Your First Steps: Get Organized

To simplify the application process, gather required documents and other information ahead of time. Then visit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) site.

Presbyterian College FAFSA ID: 003445


We encourage you to explore the financial aid web pages and contact us if you have any questions.