Students are eligible to work part-time on campus in a variety of settings. Working on campus can provide valuable career experience in addition to helping to offset education expenses.

Federal Work-Study

Students who are employed and paid under the Federal Work-Study Program must demonstrate financial need by having completed the FAFSA. Anticipated earnings are not applied to student accounts. Rather, students are paid by check monthly and are paid a wage per hour based on the position responsibilities.

A Federal Work-Study award does not mean that you are guaranteed a certain amount of earnings, but that you may earn up to a specific total for the academic year. A Federal Work-Study award does not mean that you are “guaranteed” a job for the entire academic year. Other factors are used to determine the period of time a student is eligible to work, i.e. budget restraints, federal allocation, the number of students with need, student’s unmet need, etc. Students who work off campus could be asked to stop working earlier than the end of the semester because of some of these circumstances.

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study on their financial aid award will be notified during the summer of additional information required to secure a job. Federal Work-Study is considered part-time employment; therefore, the wages earned are taxed.

This link will tell you more about Federal Work-Study programs.

Institutional Employment “Presbyterian College Work”

Students are also able to work part-time under the PC Work Program. The PC Work Program is administered in much the same way as the Federal Work-Study Program with the exception that the students do not have to demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA. All students are paid by check monthly and are paid a wage based on the position responsibilities. PC work-study is considered part-time employment; therefore, the wages earned are taxed.

Direct all work-study related questions to the Financial Aid Office Work-Study Coordinator at 864.833.8287 or

For Students

First-time work-study students should complete the following forms  to participate in Federal Work-Study or the PC Work Program:

  • Work-Study Application
  • I-9 Form
  • W-4 Form
  • Student Employment Authorization Form

  (Returning work-study students should also complete this form.)

These forms can be found in the work-study section of Forms. For consideration in the PC Work-Study Program, return the forms to the Financial Aid Office. Email or fax to 864.833.8749.

For Supervisors

Important Points to Remember:
  • Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. All on-campus positions pay this rate unless specified otherwise on the Student Employment Authorization Form.
  • Off-campus positions pay $8.50 per hour. Students must be a “Federal” work student recipient on their Financial Aid award in order to qualify to work in any off-campus positions. Check with the Financial Aid Office before consideration for off-campus positions.
  • Students must not begin working until they have completed all paperwork for student employment through the Financial Aid Office. We participate in EVerify which requires that we verify the individual through the e-verification process within three working days of being hired for pay.
Steps for Hiring Student Workers:
  • Ensure that all first-time work-study students complete the following:
    • Work Study Application
    • I-9 Form
    • W-4 Form
    • Student Employment Authorization Form
      (These can be found in the work-study section of Forms.)
  • Ensure that you and each work-study student complete the Student Employment Authorization Form each academic year. Students must complete one form for each position employed.
  • Ensure that the Financial Aid Office clears all students you intend to hire before they begin work. A completed Student Employment Authorization Form and pre-printed timesheet for the current academic year will determine that the student is ready to begin work.
  • Read the PC Work Study Handbook for specific details about hiring and supervising student employees