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Students graduating in 2018 must apply by December 1, 2017, to be eligible. Also, in order for a student to receive the Alumni Referral Scholarship, he or she must be nominated by an alumnus or alumna no later than December 1, 2017.

Cannot be combined with the Legacy scholarship  |   Students being recruited to participate in or become a member of a NCAA Division I athletic team are not eligible

Defining the PC Experience

As a PC alumni, you already know that an education at PC is life-changing; but how do you put that into words? We’ve summarized some of the most important points below.

Rigorous academics. 90% of graduates are in graduate school or a career within six months after graduation.

A liberal arts education. PC graduates are well-rounded, thoughtful and intelligent people—who are also fun to be around.

Feels like home, like a family. The class sizes are small, which ensures that everyone has a chance to speak, to be heard, to be seen face to face.

Active student body. Clubs, intramurals, travel, programs, events. A vibrant campus life keeps students active and engaged.

Team spirit. A lively sense of “Blue Pride” exists in support of the Blue Hose Division I athletic teams.

Experiential learning. 100% of students study abroad, intern or participate in a research project with professors.

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Some schools let students sink or swim.

At PC, we have a different philosophy: offer a rigorous education with a built-in support network. Professors, students, administrators—we all work together to help each other succeed. We want our students to be adventurous and successful; competitive and compassionate. We work as a community, inspiring our students to learn, and to value serving others along the way.