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Women’s History at PC

March 2015
March is Women’s History Month and I’d like to point you to a blog written in June, 2008 by Nancy Griffith: The Legacy of Women at Presbyterian College. This was the second post in the Blue Notes blog here at PC almost seven years ago. We are sure it will bring a smile to your face! – Read More –

Kimberly’s Flight

April 2014
This month, the Theatre Department at Presbyterian College is presenting Kimberly’s Flight, a play created by students in PC’s newly formed Centre for Devised Theatre. In this innovative and exciting program, students create original plays that challenge the audience to think about important issues in the world. This year’s production focuses on one of our own, Captain Kimberly Hampton, PC class of 1998. – Read More –

“Big Little Celtics”

April 2012
Like the item in February 2012’s Blue Notes, this entry is also based on a clipping from Jane Spurgeon’s scrapbook. The article transcribed here originally appeared in the February 5, 1940, edition of The Blue Stocking. The names of the players are those of real PC students and staff; however, as far as we can tell, the basketball team described here is entirely fictitious, and didn’t correspond to any varsity, freshman, or intramural team extant during this time. It is interesting, however, that six of the nine people listed were members of PC’s football team that year (pictured below). If the game was ever played, it was probably some sort of stunt. And it’s so amusing, that we thought you’d enjoy it! – Read More –

And in walked Dr. Frank Dudley Jones!

February 2012
The archives recently acquired a scrapbook assembled by Jane Sturgeon, who graduated from PC in 1940 and later was a librarian at Duke University for many years. It contains a wealth of items from her days at the college, among them some amusing anecdotes. This was one of our favorites, involving Dr. Frank Dudley Jones, who taught philosophy and psychology at the college for over twenty years. In addition to the fact that it’s a funny story, it is rather amazing to learn how different forms of mental disability were described and dealt with in 1940. – Read More –

Dr. Anne Austin Young ’11

November 2011
Anne Austin Young is one of the most honored female doctors in South Carolina. She was the first female obstetrician/gynecologist in the state. Indeed, she was one of the few women doctors of her time. Anne serves as an inspiration to all women desiring to become doctors because of her determination and her independence. – Read More –

Memories of Doyle

January 2010
This month we are sharing some thoughts about life on campus in the early 1980s sent to us by Mark R. McCallum, PC class of 1982, who “had the privilege of being exiled there [Doyle Hall] in 1978 as housing overflow along with 11 others.” – Read More –