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President’s House

President's House, Presbyterian College
President’s House, Presbyterian College

The President’s House (which is actually the second house for the college president), is located at 512 South Broad Street.  The brick home was built in 1916 by George Young and was designed by J.H. Casey of Casey & Fant Architects of Anderson S.C.

Upon George Young’s death in 1928, the home was given to the college by Mr. Young’s brother John.  It was renovated in 1963 when Dr. Marc C. Weersing became president of the college and again in 1997 when Dr. John V. Griffith became president. From 1916-1928 the house was Mr. Young’s private residence; from 1928 until 2008 it was the president’s residence.

The furniture in the house comes from several sources. Some pieces, like those in the dining room, were bought specifically for the house.  In January of 2009, however, many antique pieces were added to the house from other collections belonging to the College, including the Dillard-Elliott and the Jackson-Arnold Collections.