Chandler Salley: Grounding Your Faith in God

Chandler Salley: Grounding Your Faith in God

Chandler Salley for blogHey everybody! I’m Chandler Salley and I’m a freshman here at PC! I’m a training bluefish and I absolutely love it! I’m going to be a biology major and I hope to end up doing something in the medical field and be able to serve in medical missions. Oh and I love to sing, all the time and everywhere, and it is a great way for me to praise the Lord.

One thing that has really hit me this week is how much we will be disappointed if we put our faith solely in other people. Broken friendships cause lots of pain because you were vulnerable with that person and the bond just isn’t there anymore. Broken relationships hurt because at one point you had hoped that he or she would be ‘the one’ and invested time into that person just to have things fall apart. Strained family relationships have their own share of pain because you had faith that those closest to you most certainly wouldn’t intentionally hurt you.

I’ve had two big instances in the past week where I’ve had to put up with disappointment from others. One instance was that I had to deal with a failed friendship. Through this experience God reminded me how much I need to lean on him and nothing else. Part of this reminder was through the song, Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher. While I was dealing with this problem, this song came on the radio and reminded me that God was there through it all. The other instance dealt with a disappointment with someone that I respected on campus. I looked up to this person and when I found out this week that they weren’t exactly who I thought they were, I was shocked. This reminded me that as humans, we all fail and fall short of the glory of God, as Romans 3:23 says. We can’t expect other humans to be perfect because we have all been born with a sinful nature.

Another aspect that I’m having to learn is that no matter how hard we try, we can’t change other people, even if it is for their own good. And trust me, I try so hard, we all do. But I know that when I try to change others I will only end up disappointed with myself and the other person because I don’t have the power to change someone’s heart. However, God does. If we just put forth effort to share life through our conversations, compassion, and convictions, we can count on God to work on the conversion of their heart.

When we put our faith in other humans we are setting ourselves up for failure because we are putting our hope in something that is not perfect. Truth be told, we are all broken people, even though many of us wouldn’t like to admit it. No matter how hard we try to seem like we have our lives together all the time, we don’t. God is the only one who is perfect. He will never disappoint you, leave you, or hurt you, because he loves you. His love for us is so deep for us that we can’t fathom it. One of my favorite verses comes from Psalm 62:5-8. These verse talk about how we can find rest in God, how our hope comes from Him, and how we can trust Him because He is our refuge.

When we are in any type of relationship with another person we should base our relationship on a triangle. You and the person you have a relationship with are both in your own bottom points of the triangle, with God at the top point. The more you both put your faith in God and the closer you grow to Him, the closer you will grow to each other because your faith is focused in the right direction.

Where is your faith grounded? Is it in your relationships with other people? Or is it in Jesus Christ? I pray that there would be a revival among the students here at PC and that we all would realize that our faith should be in God alone because He is the only one who never disappoints.