The PC Way Forever

The PC Way Forever

The PC Way Forever

Written by Dr. Bob Bryant, Kristen Herrington Professor of Bible

Long before I stepped foot on the campus of Presbyterian College, even before I knew where it was, I knew PC students and alumni. I met them at summer camp when I was in college, in graduate school, in my first pastorate, and in a pediatrician’s office soon after my first child was born. Different people. Different ages. Different places. But in each relationship, I experienced women and men of humble character, keen intellect, and abundant grace. Their friendship and service had an overwhelmingly positive influence on my life and on that of my family. They were servant leaders and community builders.

When I saw a position opening on the faculty at Presbyterian College in the Department of Religion and Philosophy back in 1997, I knew a lot about PC already. Its students and graduates were faithful ambassadors, and I noticed. What's more, I was not surprised to learn of the college’s motto, “While We Live, We Serve.” The lives of the Blue Hose I knew exuded it. I applied to PC because I wanted to be part of a community that called, supported, and equipped students in pursuit of this faithful goal. Whatever PC was doing, it was doing exceptionally well.

Seventeen years into serving on the faculty at PC, I feel the same way, but I have a keener view of the educational process that contributes so positively to the lives of students and faculty for the betterment of the world we serve. It is not just the focus on the liberal arts, as critical as it is for gaining an education rather than just a degree. And it is not just the framework of the Christian faith, as critical as it is for being transformed into genuine servant people.

Rather, it is all of these characteristics of the College experienced in a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who consistently treasure both faith and reason in their pursuit of truth, justice, and grace toward all.

This is what “makes” PC people! This is the PC way.

PC is a liberal arts college where the love of understanding is nurtured, where the talent for lifelong learning is developed, where the disease of egoism is treated, and where a life is honed for serving God and all creation. In an age marked by self-interest, greed, and extremism of every kind, is anything needed more? The world needs Blue Hose. Fortunately, it has some—you! Us! All of us!

But there’s room for more. We need good students every year. Please don’t hesitate to recruit them.

May the PC Spirit and the PC community grow!