To report an on-campus emergency, dial 864.833.8911

The safety of Presbyterian College students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a top priority.  The Campus Police Department coordinates college safety efforts ranging from emergency preparedness and crime prevention to law enforcement and campus crime reporting.

Security planning is an integral part of any successful security program.  Plans for new and renovated facilities are reviewed for security and safety impacts.  Planning and maintaining the landscaped areas of campus are important to the campus appearance as well as maintaining good security.  Campus administration and student leaders review security and safety procedures and considerations when planning campus events and activities.  Facilities Services Department responds to work orders daily to repair locks, windows, and lighting.  A continuous program of lighting improvements, with input from both the students and staff, has made some significant improvements in the past several years.  There have been continuous improvements each year in campus fire detection and alarm systems.  Security and safety planning is an on-going process on the Presbyterian College campus.

Safety is our top priority.