All new and freshmen students are required to attend an orientation session with the Campus Police Department for a briefing on crime on campus, security procedures and department services. Although there is no set schedule for presentations of other crime prevention/education programs, topics on campus crime or related topics are offered by various departments on campus throughout the year.

The Campus Police Department has free crime prevention pamphlets on several topics in its office. The department maintains a security video library on various topics to include date rape, alcohol, drugs and similar topics that can be borrowed at no cost.

Alcohol 101, an interactive CD program, is offered by the Dean of Students Office. The Campus Police Department offers customized education and safety programs to any student or employee group on campus by request.

When walking around campus . . . Familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus. Survey the campus while classes are in session and after dark to see that academic buildings, walkways, facilities, and parking lots are adequately secured and well-lighted.

Plan the safest route to your destination; choose well-lighted, busy pathways and streets.

Walk in pairs whenever possible.

Share your class schedule with your parents and trusted friends and give them your telephone numbers.