Campus Police Department Overview

The Campus Police Department provides law enforcement services, communication services, crime prevention/education services, traffic/parking services and support services for campus events and activities. There are seven staff members in the Campus Police Department: Director, five police officers, and one civilian office staff. All of Presbyterian College’s police officers are certified and have the power to arrest.

Director Larry Mullhall Ext. 8300
Mr. Larry Mulhall
Director of Safety & Risk Management/Campus Police
Ext. 8300


Sgt. Billy Snow Ext. 8008
SSgt. Billy Snow
Campus Police Officer, Logistics Officer
Ext. 8545


Officer Richard Marbert, ext. 8008,
Sgt. Richard Marbert
Campus Police Officer
ext. 8008

Assistant Director Jon Baker, Ext. 8008
Cpt. Jon Baker
Assistant Director of Campus Police
Ext. 8483


Sgt. Lewis Gambrell Ext. 8008
SSgt. Lewis Gambrell
Campus Police Officer
Ext. 8545


Sgt. Carroll (Pug) Kuykendall
Campus Police Officer, Training Officer

Cpl. Mark Gary
Campus Police Officer

Mr. Paul Gannon
Campus Police Officer

Ms. Linda Putnam
Administrative Assistant

Education and Training

Many of our commissioned law enforcement officers have attended college, are attending college, or have college degrees. Officers are often recruited from area law enforcement agencies and come to us with a variety of experience. All officers have attended the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and must attend on-going advanced training to maintain their certification and to meet department standards. Advanced training has included courses at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, the FBI, the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Department, and the Institute for Police Management and Training at the University of North Florida, City of Clinton Police, City of Laurens Police, Richland County Sheriff’s Department, South Carolina Highway Patrol, American Red Cross, South Carolina Campus Law Enforcement Association, International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators and a variety of advanced specialty programs.