Requirements for becoming an Internship Supervisor:

Academic Internships at Presbyterian College are a collaborative effort from both the student intern and the internship supervisors, faculty, and staff members. These are specifically designed to include:

  1. On-the-job training and experience developing transferable or field-specific skills;
  2. Employers should designate expectations during an orientation with new interns at the start of each term.
  3. Employers are asked to provide feedback on career-readiness and skill development through an online survey each semester.
  4. Demonstration of learning outcomes set forth during the registration process.
  5. Ideally, internships are paid positions. Unpaid internships are possible for nonprofit organizations, shadowing-based internships of certain professionals, or specific other circumstances where student learning outweighs the benefit to the employer.
  6. Some degree of flexibility is requested to match scheduled hours with those of the academic grading period during which an internship is registered.
  7. Students are required to submit written reflection papers touching on cultural diversity, personal values, academic relevance, and transferable skills;
  8. Student discussions will be held in group settings throughout the semester to reflect on reflection paper topics and to discuss professional behavior and expectations.

Posting Internships: To post an internship for student applications, please email Lynn Downie,, including complete job description, application process, and rate of pay.

Employers are required to give the student a mid-point evaluation.

Employers are required to give the student a final review of their work.