Confidentiality Policy

Counseling Services maintains records as regulated by the State of South Carolina.  Maintenance of records is in accordance with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines.  For students ages 18 or older, only authorized Counseling Services staff have access to records, unless students consent to release information in writing.  Counseling records do not become part of the academic record, and even the fact that students have come to Counseling Services is not divulged to anyone without their consent and permission.   Students who wish their information to be shared with others outside of Counseling Services must complete a “Release of Information” form granting permission to release copies of records.

There are important exceptions to this policy.  Counseling Services staff are required to disclose the information if:

  • There is a danger of harm to the student/client or another person.
  • A current case of abuse or neglect of children and or elderly is suspected.
  • A judge has subpoenaed records.

Parental Consent

Parents with students 17 and under, fill out the Parental Consent Form.

If students have any questions about these policies, please contact the Director of Counseling Services at ext. 8100.

If you have an after-hours emergency please call Campus Police at 864-833-8911, 911 or go to the Emergency Department of Laurens County Hospital.

The Health Services Center is located at 120 East Calhoun Street.