We seek to educate our students on its dangers and view its misuse as detrimental to both our students and the educational purposes of the college.

Alcohol misuse is a serious issue on college campuses. We also realize that alcohol use is ultimately a decision that will be made by your student. As such, we work to provide a campus atmosphere that develops individual responsibility and awareness of the danger of misuse. Administrators, faculty, counselors and concerned students provide strong support to all students on this issue, particularly those who make a moral or health decision to abstain.

Presbyterian College collaborates with a local agency, Gateway Counseling Center, to offer students who have problems with alcohol and/or other substances the opportunity for treatment. Depending on the student’s needs a variety of treatment options are available. One such option is a monthly alcohol education class, on campus, taught by a member of the Gateway staff. Other students may require more intensive therapy which is available at Gateway Counseling Center or an Addiction Center of their choice.