Theta Chi is one of the oldest and largest of all men’s national fraternities at 160 years of age and over 180,000 initiated members since its founding.  On campus, our Beta Psi chapter here at Presbyterian College is over 70 years old.  Members of Theta Chi pride themselves on acting in correspondence with the values established by our founders.  Some of these values include:

  • Service to our community and our neighbors in our community
  • Service to our fellow brothers*
  • Pride for our education – our Alma Mater (Go Blue Hose!)**
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Restraint; sound judgement
  • Patience and acceptance***

Founded on the principle of friendship through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation.

The Official Theta Chi Symbols
Founded: April 10, 1856, at Norwich University in Norwich, VT
National Philanthropy: United Service Organizations (USO). Chapters compete against one another in Operation Military Red, where the winning chapter accumulates (on behalf of the USO) the most service hours and raised funds.
Official Colors: Military Red and White
Symbol: Rattlesnake
Official Flower: Red Carnation
Open Motto: “An Assisting Hand”
Coat of Arms:  ThetaChi

The Creed of Theta Chi

“I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions, and its ideals. Born of sturdy manhood, nurtured by resolute men, ennobled by high and sacred purpose, it has taken its place among the educational institutions of America as a promoter of knowledge, and advancer of culture and a builder of character.

It inspires true friendship: teaches Truth, Temperance and Tolerance***, extols virtue, exacts harmony, and extends a helping hand to all who seek it. *

I believe in the primacy of alma mater **; in the usefulness of my fraternity, in its influence and its accomplishments and I shall do all in my power to perpetuate its ideals, thereby serving my God, my country and my fellow-man.”

The Maxim of Theta Chi

“Alma Mater First and Theta Chi for Alma Mater”

**Brothers of Theta Chi respect and value their education. “I believe in the primacy of alma mater.”


Θηρόποεα Χείρ – an “Assisting Hand”

*Brothers of Theta Chi “extend an assisting hand to all who seek it”

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