The MAAC is a student-focused group made up of PC faculty, staff, and students. This group is dedicated to monitoring the cultural climate on campus; investigating charges of discrimination; finding solutions and increasing positive attitudes relative to multicultural concerns on campus.

MAAC is chaired by:

Rebecca Davis, Faculty Member, Christian Education

Members of the Committee:

Alicia Askew, Dean of Academic Programs

Ashlyn Bordelon, Student Representative for Spectrum 

Liz Dille, Office of International Programs

Dee Nichols, Athletics Department

Rev. Rachel Parsons-Wells, Office of Religious Life and Service 

Margarita Ramirez, Faculty Member, Spanish 

Joaquin Ross, Student Representative for the Multicultural Student Union 

Molly Smathers, Student Representative for Religious Life Council

Annalise Sinclair, Office of Student Involvement & Fraternity and Sorority Life

Jaclyn Sumner, Faculty Member, History 

Susan Gentry-Teasley, Counseling Services