Student Involvement is dedicated to facilitating sports leagues for the campus during the academic year.

The intramural program is managed by dedicated students and staff committed to providing an enjoyable experience. Teams are often composed of friends from community halls, academic departments, fraternities and sororities, and other student groups.

BasketballTeams of five compete in regulation basketball with two – 20-minute halves of fast-paced exciting action complete with officials and scorekeepers.
BilliardsCompetitive games of pool will be played with, either, singles or doubles! Games are scheduled at your convenience with you competitor.
DodgeballTeams must have a minimum of 5 to begin play and can play with 6. Games will be scheduled on the half hour. There will be a running clock of 20 minutes. Teams will play as many games of dodgeball possible in 20 minutes. The team with the most wins at the end of 20 minutes is the winner. There will be an official present.
Flag FootballThis non-contact sport allows players of all abilities, and sizes, to play football at the collegiate level.  Teams play on a 40 x 100 yard field with 4 – 20 yard “zones” that represent first downs.  Each team has 6 eligible receivers on offense and one quarterback who is perpetually in shotgun mode.  Remember in this sport it’s not about who has the fastest receivers, it’s who completes the most efficient passes.
Giant KickballPlayed 6 v 6 in the Springs Student Center basketball court this fast-paced game will surely fill your need for adrenaline-laced competition.  Teams compete in two halves on a court surrounded by matted walls.
Sand VolleyballTeams of four compete in the best two out of three games to see who is king or queen of the court.  Games are played to 25 with rally scoring format and shoes are of course optional.  Bring your best game and maybe a little sunscreen for those sunny evenings!
SoccerTeams play 7 v 7 on an 80 x 50 yard field with no offside violations.  All other rules are the same as traditional recreational soccer with unlimited substitutions at any stoppage.  Two referees supervise the game.
Co-ed SoftballGet your 9 of your best friends, bring a glove, and come to the Intramural Fields for some softball fun.  10 players defend the diamond from batters who are hitting softballs all over the field.  Opponents must pitch underhand so there is no shortage of offense in this game.
Table TennisThis double-elimination event allows competitors of all skills to show their might on the Campus Recreation tables.  Games are played to 21 win by 2.
Ultimate FrisbeeTeams must play with a maximum of 7 on the field and minimum of 6 to begin play. All games are self-officiated with a site manager present to keep score and time. Discs are provided by Springs Student Center for play.
RefereeInterested in Refereeing at PC? Think you know your sports? Email Daniel Adams, Director of Student Involvement and Campus Recreation at to find out more.