Executive Cabinet

The SGA Executive Cabinet is comprised of the Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Class Presidents. You can find out more information about these positions under Article II of the Constitution.

Student Body Leadership

J.C. Fore

Student Body President

Jacob Kennedy

Student Body
Vice President

Clay Parker

Student Body Treasurer

Avery Conrad

Student Body Secretary

Molly Clukey


Class Presidents

Joseph Kovas

Class of 2018 President

Burke Long

Class of 2019 President

Emily Green

Class of 2020 President


Class of 2021 President

Class Officers

Class of 2018

President Joseph Kovas
Vice President Bardin Davis
Secretary Julia Law
Public Relations Thomas Hawkins
Treasurer John Walker

Class of 2019

President Burke Long
Vice President Phillip Bell
Secretary Lance Harvey
Public Relations Zachary Crumlich
Treasurer Clay Wright

Class of 2020

President Emily Green
Vice President Nicholas Quatraro
Secretary Lance Bennett
Public Relations Caitlin Grant
Treasurer Anna Coleman

Class of 2021

President Banner Plumb
Vice President Bri Kennedy
Secretary Jabez Waters
Public Relations Grayson Maxfield
Treasurer Jonas Ha