Registered Student Organization Application

Any group that wishes to apply for RSO status with SGA must submit this application at least one (1) week prior to a scheduled Student Legislator meeting. For more information, please contact
  • Registered Student Organization Rules and Guidelines:

    Section 1: In order to be recognized as an RSO, all RSOs must have current organizational guidelines. Current guidelines must have been approved by the Student Legislature with the previous two (2) years.

    1. All RSOs shall review their organizational guidelines, make necessary changes, and submit them to the Student Legislature via the Executive Cabinet before the end of Fall semester of the year that the guidelines are due to be reviewed.

    2. All RSOs shall review their guidelines before the end of fall semester each year, regardless of whether they must be approved by the Student Legislature.

    3. All RSO guidelines must include the following information positions below (fill out form) and signatures of at least 5 persons supporting the establishment of this RSO are due to the SGA Executive Committee before this application can be reviewed for approval.

    4. All current RSO guidelines shall be considered Special Rules of Order, as defined by Robert's Rules of Order.

    Section 2: The duties of members of RSOs shall be:

    1. Every time the RSO meets, the Chair shall provide a written report to the Executive Cabinet at the next regular Student Legislature meeting. The report should detail the substance of the RSO meeting in question. If material discussed during the meeting is confidential, this should be noted in minutes.

    2. Members of any RSO are encouraged to attend all meetings of the committee in question. If an RSO representative knows that they cannot be at a pre-scheduled Legislature meeting and cannot find a replacement, a written excuse must be sent to the SGA Secretary within 48 hours before the Legislature meeting for the absence to be considered excused, without penalty to the RSO.

    3. The Chair of the RSO is expected to report violations of any duties set by the Student Legislature, here or in the committee’s guidelines.

    4. Each RSO will have a representative present for each Student Legislature meeting.

    5. RSOs are expected to hold regular meetings of their organization.

    6. Each RSO will turn in an electronic and hard copy of their current membership roster to the SGA Secretary by the second Legislature meeting of each semester. Organizations that do not have exclusive membership will submit an average attendance at meetings in place of this roster.

    7. If two of the RSO guidelines provided above are broken within a given semester, a RSO will go on probation. Probation means the representative will still be present for every legislature meeting, but will not vote. If guidelines are still not followed, the RSO shall be dismissed from RSO status for the entirety of the following semester.
  • Any information from the Student Government Constitution and Bylaws which pertains to the specific committee should be repeated and cited with the guidelines.
  • Please provide your contact information:

  • The Executive Cabinet will review...

    The Executive Cabinet will review the applications and, if approved, will present proposal to the Student Legislature for approval. If the Executive Cabinet fails to approve an RSO, the President of SGA will meet with the persons bringing the application to inform them of why the application did not meet the guidelines and assist them with understanding what is needed for approval.