Cleaning and Disinfecting

Campus Services has been working closely with our custodial services group in an effort to address the coronavirus outbreak.

The custodial services group has consulted with renowned epidemiologists and industry professionals to craft a coronavirus response plan. Based on our facility’s health risk level during this outbreak, we have built corresponding levels of enhanced cleaning to address the safety of occupants.

These enhanced levels of clean are based on science:

  • Effective hand hygiene program
  • Enhance cleaning levels – science-backed frequencies
  • Disinfectant technology – the right product for the right risk
  • Respiratory etiquette – Educate


We use best practices when cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting environmental surfaces. Our staff is fully trained in best cleaning practices and disinfection procedures. We are using CDC recommended, EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant for novel(new) or confirmed viruses, including COVID-19.  

Increased Frequency of Cleaning

Starting in late February 2020, we increased the frequency of cleaning during the day or during high-traffic times.