College Events & Gatherings

  • Continue to follow the process that is already in place when booking an event space online. Register all your events and meetings via the Involvement Event Form. Involvement staff will help you to brainstorm and plan your event within COVID guidelines.
  • RSOs from across campus planned events on their own and with the Student Involvement staff. Reach out to learn more about how students stayed connected and hosted events throughout the Fall semester. Email us at the following:
  • All events must adhere to COVID capacity limits in spaces. Room capacities must be verified before use for an event. Attendance must not exceed the stated COVID occupancy limit for an event space — typically one-third of the standard room occupancy.
  • Face coverings should be worn at all college events and student gatherings. Wearing face coverings when within 6 feet of others is also expected during formally scheduled and informal events, meetings, programs, and all other gatherings.
  • All prescribed guidelines and expectations are to be followed whenever an RSO is meeting as a group, on or off-campus.
  • We strongly recommend using the CDC COVID Symptom Checklist (via LiveSafe App) at the start of every event, meeting, or gathering.
  • Events, meetings, programs, and gatherings should end by midnight – unless approved by VP or designee.
  • Limit events with shared equipment when possible. Wipe down shared equipment with an approved product.
  • Require hand washing or hand sanitizer during events, meetings, and programs with shared equipment.
  • If your group wants to meet in-person for an organized chapter/group meeting, you must follow the guidelines for the space you will be meeting in.
  • Social Events at Fraternity Court are not permitted. Any gathering at a fraternity house, formal or informal, must comply with the limitations listed above and other stated occupancy policies.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashtin Frank Lizanich, Director of College and Advancement Events, at OR Marissa Buck, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, at

Food & Alcohol

  • All food needs to be pre-packaged and served in accordance with health guidelines.
  • Events with alcohol are not permitted. You may not register to host events with alcohol. Any request to register an event will be denied.


  • Springs Fitness Center
    • Face coverings required in the building and whenever moving between equipment
    • Face coverings may only be removed while on equipment and when distanced 6 feet or more from others. Replace face coverings when moving between equipment.
    • ALL students, faculty, and staff must reserve exercise time through the BLUE HOSE app or IMleagues, using their PC email address.
    • Each area may have a total of 6 exercisers (cardio, selectorized weights, free weights), the bike area may have a total of 3 exercisers.
    • No guests are allowed at this time (including but not limited to spouses, family members, retirees, etc.).
    • Follow all posted signage and PC policies.
    • 2nd floor will be offline from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., MWF, and 10 a.m. – 11 a.m., Tuesday and Thursday
    • 3rd floor will be offline from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m., MWF, and 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday
  • Intramural Sports
    • Download the BLUE HOSE app (Apple or GooglePlay)  to sign up and play or to stay informed about the many intramural opportunities this semester. Spring offerings include:
      • 3-point Shootout
      • 4v4 volleyball
      • 8-ball and Pool Tournaments
      • BASEketball
      • Cornhole
      • Dodgeball
      • H-O-R-S-E Tournament
      • Indoor Wiffleball
      • Softball
      • Video Game Tournament
      • Water Balloon Battleship
      • & more!
    • Download the app. All are free to play for PC students.
    • Follow all posted signage and PC policies.

Social & Public Space Expectations

  • All Faculty, staff, and students are required to wear face coverings
    • Face coverings should be worn in public spaces, including:
      • Academic and administrative buildings
      • Greenville Dining Hall
      • Springs Student Center
      • Public spaces in residence halls
      • Walkways
      • Face coverings should be worn outside when within 6 feet of others.
      • Wearing face coverings when within 6 feet of others is also expected during formally scheduled and informal events, meetings, programs, and all other gatherings.
    • When possible, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others when:
      • Exercising
      • Sitting (while eating and in lounges)
      • Standing
      • Waiting in lines
      • Walking
    • No guests (This will be reviewed throughout the semester)
      • Only faculty, staff, and current students inside facilities
      • No overnight guests
      • Specific campus partners will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    • Wash hands often, use hand sanitizer when washing is not an option

External Events / Facility Rentals

In efforts to adhere to campus COVID protocols, off campus rentals of PC facilities have been suspended at this time. Please check back with us in the near future for availability.