Residence Life

A number of requirements are necessary while we strive to keep our community together for the Spring 2021 semester.  Students and guests are required to bring and wear face coverings for the duration of the move-in process whenever they are inside a building or within 6 feet of another person. Students may have no more than two guests assist them with move-in.

All students and those assisting students must go through the health screening and check-in through Laurens Hall before entering any other building on campus.

  • Students who fail to go through the health screening process before entering buildings on campus may be sent through Student Conduct with sanctions up to and including suspension for the semester.
  • The only exception to this arrival location will be pre-approved early arrivals who will be provided specific information on how to be screened as they arrive on campus.
  • All students and guests must complete the health screening in order to receive their key for their room for the Spring Semester.
  • Where possible, please park at your residence hall and walk over to Laurens Hall to ensure adequate parking for everyone.
  • View our Residence Hall Guidelines for more information about expectations and procedures throughout the semester.

Scheduled Move-In Timeline

Athlete Early Arrivals: January 2-21 – Scheduled by Athletics

Invited Student Leaders Early Arrivals: January 19-21 – Scheduled by Supervisor/Advisor

All Students: January 22-25 – SignUp Genius Appointment

Students who are not athletes or invited for student leader training must sign-up for a move-in appointment day and time on SignUp Genius

Check-In Information

Including the Check-In process in Laurens Hall, students will have one hour to complete their move-in before guests must exit the building and depart. Students must arrive at Laurens Hall within the first 30 minutes of their one-hour appointment.

Residence halls will have important phone numbers for the Residence Life staff and Campus Police posted outside the RA/RD room on each floor should you need any assistance as you move in.

Room and Roommate Information

Please check BannerWeb to confirm your roommate for the spring semester. There has been some movement of students in the past few weeks. If you have been assigned a new roommate, their contact information should be in BannerWeb for you to connect with them.

Remember that we cannot hold out spaces in double rooms and so you may have been assigned a new roommate if you had a space open in your room. If you do not currently have an assigned roommate, please be aware that we continue to make assignments even as the start of the semester approaches. Please be aware that there are no single rooms available and very few remaining open spaces at this time.

Meal Plans

Students in the residence halls may choose either the All-Access (default) or Premium Access Plans (additional cost with additional Bonus Bucks). Students in Spradley, Townhouses, Scottish Arms, New Apartments, and those who are student teaching for the semester may additionally select the 160-block meal plan. An additional meal plan is available for commuters.

Please contact the Residence Life Office if you are an approved commuter and are interested in a limited meal plan. If you need to make a change, please do so immediately by emailing with your name, ID number, and to which plan you would like to be changed.

We are unable to make changes once classes begin, so please do this as soon as possible.

Student Account Information

Changes to housing or meal assignments may take 1-2 business days to be accurately reflected on your account. Please also check for any unpaid fines, fees, or charges when you review your student account details so that you may rectify those before or upon your return to campus.

Residence Hall Guidelines

  • NO OUTSIDE GUESTS in residence halls. There should be no one in your residence hall that is not a faculty, staff, or student member of the PC community.
  • Student residents may now have one PC student guest each in their assigned residential area. Townhouses may have up to 10 people in the yard outside of their assigned apartment. Guests should continue to be escorted to and from the exterior doors by their host. Non-student guests and visitors are still not allowed in these areas.
  • Apartments, Townhouses, and MSU:
    • May have up to 4 people (total) in the common room
    • 6-person apartments may have all 6 residents in this same space (you are part of the same collective living unit)
    • 6-person apartments may not have additional guests when all residents are present
  • Apartments with private exterior doorways:
    • May have up to 6 guests outside the back of their residence if they are appropriately distanced. (Townhouses cannot exceed 10 people per unit)
      • For example, a 4-person townhouse/apartment with a back door and outside area may have 4 total people inside the unit and 6 total people outside near the back of the unit (this includes residents). If 1 person goes inside, 1 person must come outside.
    • It should be visually clear who is a guest of each specific apartment or townhouse when you gather outdoors.
    • Any larger groups inside or outside a residential area will be considered an unregistered social event and may result in a conduct violation.

Additional Residence Life Assistance

Once move-in begins, there are staff on-call after 5 p.m. and on weekends to help address more urgent on-campus student needs.

Students living on West Campus (Georgia Hall, Smyth Hall, the New Apartments, and Scottish Arms) can call 864-872-0958 for the RA on Duty.

Students on East Campus (Clinton, Belk, Reynolds, Grotnes, CIH, Barron, Spradley, Fraternity Houses, MSU, and Townhouses) can call 864-872-0979.

For emergencies, you may also contact Campus Police at 864-833-8911.


We are thrilled to once again have you moving in and look forward to a great spring semester together. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 864-833-8277.