Presbyterian College is committed to nurturing an inclusive environment that fosters mutual respect for all members of our campus. Our honor code highlights the importance of respecting “persons and property of the community” and emphasizes that PC “will not condone discourteous or dishonest treatment by peers”.

What should I report?

We encourage you to report any incident of bias that may occur within our community. We define bias as an intentional or unintentional display of hostility or bigotry in word, deed that a reasonable person would conclude is directed at a member of the PC community based on age, citizenship, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, gender/perceived gender, genetic information, marital status, nationality/immigration status, parental status, physical appearance, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation/perceived sexual orientation, socioeconomic status/class, or present or past service in the military.

Bias incidents can take on a variety of forms, including but not limited to discrimination, spoken or written hate speech or harassment, offensive visual representations, threats, vandalism, physical confrontation, and similar conduct or communications on or through social media.

Emergencies, Injuries, and Violence

The bias report form is not a substitute for a call to first responders. If you witness or experience any actually or threatened emergency – such as violence, injured persons, a fire, or a suspected crime, you should call 911 and/or contact Campus Police immediately.

Who can report?

We encourage all members of our community to report any incident of bias whether you are a complainant, bystander/witness, or concerned member of the PC community.

How do I report?

Bias/Hate Incident
Report Options
OnlineTo report a bias incident online:
complete the Bias Report Form. The form will be submitted to the Bias Response Team.
24 hours for submission
By PhoneTo report a bias incident by phone:
Religious Life and Multicultural Communities telephone 864-833-8484.
Business hours:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Leave a voice message outside of business hours. Your call will be processed the next business day.
In PersonTo report a bias incident in person:
Religious Life and Multicultural Communities
Business hours:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

What happens after I report?

After a report is filed, if contact information is provided, a member of the Bias Response Team will follow up with the complainant. Members of the Bias Response Team (BRT) will be authorized agents of Presbyterian College who will review bias and hate reports. This team includes Assistant Director for Religious Life and Multicultural Communities, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance/Senior Woman Administrator, Associate Dean/Director of Residence Life, Chief of Campus Police, Vice President for Campus Life/Dean of Students and Vice President of Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator. The BRT is not authorized to sanction offenders. Instead, the role of the BRT is to provide a first response, to support students who are targets or witnesses, to refer students to available resources, and to promote dialogue and education within the campus community.

Of course, a bias incident may also constitute a violation of one or more policies at Presbyterian College, including those set forth in the Garnet Book, the Blue Book, the Faculty Handbook, and those governing non-faculty employment. Some bias incidents may also constitute crimes. The BRT will ensure that any bias incident that may violate other rules or policies is referred to the proper office/department for assessment, based on the employment or enrollment status of the individuals who are involved and the nature of the incident.

A full response to a report may require the BRT to discuss facts reported to it with others. While anonymous reports of bias incidents will be accepted and investigated, a request for anonymity may limit the BRT’s ability to determine facts and respond appropriately.

A word about free expression & academic freedom

Presbyterian College is committed to freedom of expression and thought as essential elements of an academic community. The College is committed to encouraging a stimulating and honest exchange of opinions. Students need to learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of new ideas – including ideas they may find offensive. Honestly held and reasonable differences of opinion are protected at Presbyterian College, in and out of the classroom. Discussion of an academic subject, even when the ideas are controversial, is protected.  Disagreements and criticism, even when strongly asserted, are not bias incidents if they are aimed at ideas and actions, rather than at a person’s characteristics. Nothing in the bias reporting process is intended to stifle academic freedom or the appropriate expression of (even controversial) ideas.

Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff

Resources are available to assist those who believe they have experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, discrimination or harassment.

Director for Student Involvement
Daniel Adams

Counseling and Health Director
Susan Gentry Teasley

Campus Police Director
Larry Mulhall

Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX
Barbara Fayad

Residence Life Director
Andrew Peterson

Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students
Joy Smith

Don Raber

Dean of Academic Programs
Alicia Askew