Smyth Hall Residence Hall Presbyterian College

Smyth Hall

Smyth Hall is a residence hall for female students: First-year women live on the second and third floors, while juniors and seniors live on the first floor.

You can be creative when you arrange your room in Smyth Hall because of the building’s unique layout. It’s the only residence hall on the PC campus where two students share a semi-partitioned room. Some students use one room as a bedroom to sleep in while the front room becomes a study and living space. Other students make each half their own space, which could add a little more privacy for you and your roommate. 

There’s a lounge for studying, RA programs, and hanging out on the first floor of Smyth. 

If you live in Smyth Hall, you’ll be closer to Neville Hall than most students on the PC campus. Neville Hall is where you’ll have your English, history and other humanities classes. The newly renovated Laurens Hall, where Campus Life offices are located, will be right next door to you. 

You’ll find two large hall bathrooms, with washers and dryers, on all three floors. A resident assistant lives on each of the upper floors. The resident director for all of Smyth Hall lives on the first floor.

At a Glance

  • Female residence hall
  • Upperclassmen on the first floor
  • First-year students on the second and third floors
  • Double rooms with two common floor bathrooms on all floors
  • Lounge on the first floor
  • Laundry on all floors

See Rooms

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Room & Furniture Dimensions

Room and space

Smyth Dimensions (Rooms will vary slightly) 
(Room 1 is always entry room)

Standard Double
Room 1: 16.6ft by 9.83ft
Room 2: 11.58ft by 9.33ft
Closet 1: 4.375ft by 1.33ft by 6.66ft
Closet 2: 4.54ft by 2.16ft by 6.66ft

Corner Room
Room 1: 13.58ft by 9.42ft
Room 2: 13.58ft by 7.08ft
Closet: 3ft by 2.33ft by 8.33ft

Wall type: Drywall

  • Linoleum hardwood floor
  • Two rooms
  • Two beds
  • Two closets
  • Two desks with chairs

Bed: 7ft 5in by 3ft 4in, height adjustable
Nightstand: 1ft 8in by 1ft 4in
Dresser: 2ft by 3ft
Desk: 2ft by 3ft



Wi-Fi: Yes
Cable Connection: Yes
Internet Connection: Yes

Satefy and Access

Floors: 3
Elevator: No
Keycard Access: Yes


Laundry Rooms: Located in the hall bathrooms on all floors
Bathrooms: Located in the hall bathrooms on all floors

Common Area

Lounge: First floor