May Move Out Information

May Move Out Closing Notice – Important information for students as they leave for the summer.

How To Check Out of Your Room – a reminder sheet for what a student needs to do before they leave.

Late Stay Request Form – All students who need to stay past noon on Saturday, May 4, 2019, may complete the Late Stay Request Form. Students approved to stay late for personal reasons will be charged $25/day.  No students will be permitted to stay for personal reasons past 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  Students staying due to participation in campus events including athletics or graduation will not be charged.  May 2019 graduates do not need to register to stay.

Roommate/Suitemate Cleaning Agreement – Students living in the residence halls who want to ensure they are not charged for improper cleaning areas of their rooms should complete the Cleaning Agreement with their roommates/suitemates and return this form to the Residence Life Office.

Apartment/Housemate Cleaning Agreement – Students living in Spradley Hall, Scottish Arms, the Townhouses, or a fraternity house who want to ensure they are not charged for improper cleaning of their living area should complete their form with the other students assigned to their area and return this form to the Residence Life Office

Damage Responsibility Form – If there is damage in your room, please use this sheet to tell the Residence Life Office how it happened so that the appropriate individual will be billed for repairs.

Summer Housing Information

Summer Housing Information – Information on living on campus during the summer

Summer Housing Application – All students taking summer courses and those who need to live on campus over the summer must complete this application. For Summer School housing, priority is given to students who apply by May 17, 2019 (Summer Session I) or June 21, 2019 (Summer Session II). All other applications are accepted on a first-come, first served basis as space allows.

Housing Information

Housing Options Waiting List 2019-2020 – Students who were unable to select their preferred room during Housing Selection may place their name on the Waiting List in case space becomes available. Residence Life staff will contact you if a change to your assignment is able to be made before the start of classes in August.

Housing Exemption Request Form 2019 – 2020 – Students who meet one of the criteria listed in the Residency Requirement, including students who wish to commute from a parent or legal guardian’s home.

Housing Contract – An explanation of the requirements and rights of students who live on campus.

Other Important Information

Campus Maintenance Requests – Students should submit maintenance requests through the School Dude® request form.  For emergency maintenance issues, please contact Campus Services at 864.833.8304 during regular business hours and Campus Police at 864.833.3949 after hours.

Laundry Maintenance Requests – Students should submit requests for maintenance on laundry machines through the Mac-Gray request form.

Residency Requirement Information related to our on-campus living requirements.