The Massengills

The Massengills

Caleb and I met at an Orientation Picnic during his freshman year.  I was a cheerleader and was responsible for greeting the new freshman.I happily greeted the cute football player named Caleb, and we became fast friends.  We went to FCA together, shared meals at GDH, and played some tennis matches as our friendship grew over 2 years. He was my date to the ZTA Pure Country party sophomore year, and he later went with me to Draft Party and Crown Ball my senior year when we finally became “official.”

After I graduated in 2007 and moved to Charleston for PA school at MUSC, our dates became more difficult than just walking across campus, but we made it work.  He proposed on the lawn right outside of Jacobs, the exact spot where we met, in December 2007.  We were married a year later with lots of PC friends in attendance at our wedding.

After 8 years of marriage and 3 precious sons, ages 4, 2, and 5 months, we are so thankful for our time at PC and the Lord bringing us together there.

Caleb Massengill ’08 & Kathryn (Gregory) Massengill ’07


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