The Longs

The Longs


After encouragement from friends, Grahame and I both attended an Alumni gathering in Charleston, SC in the fall of 2000 and struck up a conversation. We spent the night catching up and realizing how much we had in common. Grahame and I had our “first” date at The Charleston Museum “Happy Hour at the Hunley” event and our second date at my grandmother’s art show. The rest is history.

We were married November 16, 2002, at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church and have been blessed with two children, Macie (10) and Sumner (6). We still live in Charleston where Grahame is the Chief Curator of History for the Charleston Museum and I work as Interim D.C.E. for First (Scots) Presbyterian Church.

Grahame ’96 and Lissa (Sumner) Long ’98


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